Allison Horst

Assistant Teaching Professor

Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

Hi everyone, I’m Allison! I’m an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara, where I teach environmental data science courses and work with students to build responsible tools and understanding to investigate environmental challenges using good practices for reproducible, collaborative data science. I was also RStudio’s 2019-2020 Artist-in-Residence, and you can find some of my R- and stats-related artwork here.


  • Teaching
  • Environmental science
  • Statistics
  • Data analysis
  • Science communication
  • Art


  • PhD in Environmental Science and Management, 2012

    Bren School, UC Santa Barbara

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, 2007

    UC Santa Barbara

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, 2005

    UC Santa Barbara

Recent Posts

Learning GitHub Classroom

Merge conflicts: helping data science students merge their advanced skills into existing teams

This post was written collaboratively by Jacqueline Nolis and me. Original data science language icons artwork (above) by Jacqueline …

Penguin wrangling in dplyr - a learnr tutorial

An art-filled learnr tutorial introducing some useful data wrangling functions in dplyr (part of the tidyverse)

palmerpenguins on CRAN

The palmerpenguins data package provides a wonderful alternative to the iris data

Teach R with learnr

Recent workshops and talks

R-Ladies & R-Ladies Dammam Workshop: A Quick Flight to the Edge of the Tidyverse

A 2-hour code-along “Quick Flight to the Edge of the Tidyverse”

Level up in R Markdown

A 90-minute code-along workshop on R Markdown for reproducible data science and reporting

Art lessons - A year as RStudio's Artist-in-Residence

Motivation and lessons learned from my time as RStudio’s first artist-in-residence.

Illustrating R - Creative contributions for R education and engagement

A talk for NHS-R (November 2020) on creative contributions in data science education.

Art in Data Science Education

An invited talk (thank you UCSB Graduate Students for Diversity in STEM!)

Skills & Interests


Environmental data analysis

Teaching & education


Art & design

Science communication


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