Hi everyone, I'm Allison! I'm a continuing lecturer at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara, where I teach statistics, data analysis, and science communication. I'm also the current RStudio Artist-in-Residence, and you can find some of my R- and stats-related artwork here.


  • Teaching
  • Environmental science
  • Statistics
  • Data analysis
  • Science communication
  • Art


  • PhD in Environmental Science and Management, 2012

    Bren School, UC Santa Barbara

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, 2007

    UC Santa Barbara

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, 2005

    UC Santa Barbara

Recent Posts

palmerpenguins on CRAN

The palmerpenguins data package provides a wonderful alternative to the iris data

Teach R with learnr

Customizing tables is fun (seriously) with gt

I made this little self-tutorial last year because I was really excited about being able to more simply customize tables with the gt …

Birds of a feather, drawn together

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R for Excel Users Workshop

tl;dr: all workshop materials are available here: GitHub: https://github.com/rstudio-conf-2020/r-for-excel Book: …

Recent workshops and talks

How to Become a Missing Explorer (talk)

A presentation on why and how we should think about missing values in our environmental data, and how we can use Nick Tierney's naniar …

R for Excel Users Workshop at RStudio Conference 2020

A 2-day workshop to get Excel users and R beginners up-and-running with the basic tools, reproducible workflows and supportive …

SCCWRP Data Visualization Workshop

A 1/2 day basics of data visualization workshop covering the hierarchy of responsible and effective data visualization, aesthetics, and …

SB R-Ladies Intro to (spooky) Shiny

A spooky (but not scary) introduction to building Shiny apps in R, presented at SB R-Ladies.

Quantitative skills and R/RStudio workshop for incoming Bren PhD students

An intensive 7-day workshop to refresh quantitative skills (quantitative thinking, algebra, calculus, probability, hypothesis testing, …

Skills & Interests


Environmental data analysis

Teaching & education


Art & design

Science communication


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