Openscapes Champions Case Study: Horst Lab

Note: I, with my teaching assistant extraordinaire Jessica Couture, participated in the 10-week Openscapes Mentorship Program led by Dr. Julia Lowndes in 2019. Here’s a wrap-up we wrote of some of our efforts and progress through Openscapes! Champions Case Study: Horst Lab Crossposted at We have just concluded our inaugural cohort of Openscapes Champions. While sad to conclude, all Champion labs have so many exciting accomplishments and so much momentum for open data science, and it is truly just the beginning.

Starting our #tidytuesday hacky hours

Starting our #tidytuesday hacky hours Crossposted on the Openscapes blog! This is our first community blog post by Openscapes Champion Allison Horst! Hi everyone! I’m Allison. I teach data analysis, statistics and presentation skills to graduate students at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. I’m also an Openscapes Champion. In Openscapes we discuss the need to create supportive spaces, like coding clubs, for useRs to practice and grow their coding skills.