Tidy data for reproducibility, efficiency, and collaboration (originally published on the Openscapes blog)

A collaborative visual post describing the benefits of working with tidy data

Penguin wrangling in dplyr - a learnr tutorial

An art-filled learnr tutorial introducing some useful data wrangling functions in dplyr (part of the tidyverse)

palmerpenguins on CRAN

The palmerpenguins data package provides a wonderful alternative to the iris data

Teach R with learnr

Cross-posted from the RStudio Education blog. Check out my new post for RStudio Ed, describing how I use the learnr package to facilitate teaching and learning for remote classes with R beginners!

Birds of a feather, drawn together

By Allison Horst, Curtis Kephart, and Yanina Bellini Cross-posted: Birds of a Feather banner for RStudio::conf(2020)! The “Birds of a Feather” (BoF) sessions at the 2020 RStudio Conference were a place where R-users with similar backgrounds, interests, and aspirations could connect in a low-stress social setting. In other words - these sessions let “birds of a feather flock together.” Building on the 2019 conference swag, we rolled out a bunch of new BoF buttons for rstudio::conf 2020.

RStudio Artist-in-Residence 2019/2020!

Since I started drawing R- and stats-related illustrations for my students in 2018, I have been overwhelmed by the reception from the #rstats community on twitter. I am extremely excited to share that as of October 2019, I am RStudio’s first Artist-in-Residence! You can read more about my motivation and goals for the position on the RStudio blog. I look forward to sharing a whole bunch more art with you over the next year!