Losing icons: Disappearing glaciers of Glacier National Park, MT (1966 - 2015)

Overview Data visualization - glaciers at Glacier National Park (1966, 1998, 2005, and 2005). Data: Fagre, D.B., McKeon, L.A., Dick, …

Exploring tree outcomes following fires

Overview Basically, there’s this awesome dataset on tree survival following fires, the Fire and Tree Mortality Database, and I want to …

Northwest Reno streetmap - dataviz fun on the side

Overview In this project, I create a little map of northwest Reno, NV, streets using the osmdata (OpenStreetMap) package. Credit: …

Scraping, wrangling & viz, oh my! Fun with Columbia Basin DART (fish passage data)

As a little side project, I decided to scrape data from the Columbia Basic Research DART (Data Access in Real Time) to explore fish …

Tidy data for reproducibility, efficiency, and collaboration (originally published on the Openscapes blog)

A collaborative visual post describing the benefits of working with tidy data

Learning GitHub Classroom

Merge conflicts: helping data science students merge their advanced skills into existing teams

This post was written collaboratively by Jacqueline Nolis and me. Original data science language icons artwork (above) by Jacqueline …

Penguin wrangling in dplyr - a learnr tutorial

An art-filled learnr tutorial introducing some useful data wrangling functions in dplyr (part of the tidyverse)

palmerpenguins on CRAN

The palmerpenguins data package provides a wonderful alternative to the iris data

Teach R with learnr