Recent Talks and Workshops


Making monsters - Where they came from, what they’ve taught me, and how you can make them, too

Invited talk for NCEAS Roundtable. Art can provide a welcoming entryway for learners to engage with sometimes intimidating coding …

R Markdown for fun, functional and reproducible reporting

A 1-hour code-along workshop on R Markdown for reproducible data science and reporting for the 2022 Urban Drainage Modeling Conference, …

Missing the point - missing values, misinterpretations, and missed opportunities in environmental data science.

Invited plenary talk for the Urban Drainage Modeling Conference, hybrid remote and at SCCWRP. Abstract - Getting my hands on new, raw …


Tips & tools for gentle R introductions

An invited talk on strategies for introducing beginners to R for UCSB’s Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences program.

Creative Contributions and Activities for Student Engagement and Learning in Data Science Education

An invited talk for the Developing and Maintaining Open Source Resources for Statistics and Data Science Education Session, JSM 2021.

Leveraging data richness of the Long Term Ecological Research Network for an R datasets package

A regular talk at the 2021 ESA Conference, highlighting our work to make an R package containing one data sample from each site in the …

Developing a datasets based R package to teach environmental data science

A short talk at useR! 2021, describing how we are creating the LTERdatasampler package.

Creativity to learn, creativity to teach.

Slides for the education session of the 2021 Data Science by Design Creator Conference.

Tired - iris. Wired - penguins.

A flash talk on the new palmerpenguins package in R for the Santa Barbara R Users Group.

R-Ladies & R-Ladies Dammam Workshop: A Quick Flight to the Edge of the Tidyverse

A 2-hour code-along “Quick Flight to the Edge of the Tidyverse”

Level up in R Markdown

A 90-minute code-along workshop on R Markdown for reproducible data science and reporting

Art lessons - A year as RStudio's Artist-in-Residence

Motivation and lessons learned from my time as RStudio’s first artist-in-residence.


Illustrating R - Creative contributions for R education and engagement

A talk for NHS-R (November 2020) on creative contributions in data science education.

Art in Data Science Education

An invited talk (thank you UCSB Graduate Students for Diversity in STEM!)

How to Become a Missing Explorer (talk)

A presentation on why and how we should think about missing values in our environmental data, and how we can use Nick Tierney’s …

R for Excel Users Workshop at RStudio Conference 2020

A 2-day workshop to get Excel users and R beginners up-and-running with the basic tools, reproducible workflows and supportive …


SCCWRP Data Visualization Workshop

A 1/2 day basics of data visualization workshop covering the hierarchy of responsible and effective data visualization, aesthetics, and …

SB R-Ladies Intro to (spooky) Shiny

A spooky (but not scary) introduction to building Shiny apps in R, presented at SB R-Ladies.

Quantitative skills and R/RStudio workshop for incoming Bren PhD students

An intensive 7-day workshop to refresh quantitative skills (quantitative thinking, algebra, calculus, probability, hypothesis testing, …

Bren alumni R-refresher workshop

A 4-session refresher/reintroduction to data wrangling and visualization with the tidyverse, building Shiny apps, and an intro to …


Intro to ggplot2 for eco-data-science

A gentle introduction to building and customizing plots with ggplot2.